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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! November 20, 2012

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Well almost, just a few more days and it will be Thanksgiving! I had to share this cute little craft using my toddler’s hand prints, he is great when it comes to crafts like this…mostly becuase he loves getting his hands painted, lol

(sorry about the orientation, I can’t seem to get the picture to flip 😦 )


FREEBIE FRIDAY! A Halloween inspired wordsearch October 19, 2012

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 Click here to download


Cute Footie Ghosts October 18, 2012

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 These are the 2 most adorable ghost I’ve ever seen! I love hand and foot print projects, it’ll remind me years down the road how little they actually were…


Halloween-ify Your Desktop October 9, 2012

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ok, so “technically” Halloween-ify is not a real word, but who will notice…I’m finally starting to get into the spirit of decorating for Halloween, its about time since it is only 22 days away! I decorated my home (I’ll hav a post on that later) but what about my work space?! I found some really cute desktop wallpapers to use on my computer..enjoy







Decorate your work space!


My Attempt at My 2 year Olds Pictures October 8, 2012

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So my youngest turned two in September, YAY! But I forgot to have his 2 year old pictures done. Now usually I’m not that forgetful but lately this momma has had a lot on her plate, and honestly I was kind of dreading taking him to a professional studio, they always take like a million pictures, ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but they take so many, and they all look ADORABLE! I get wrangled into buying over $200 in portraits, and I honestly don’t have that many family members to mail them to, so they sit in a drawer…forever…

This year I figured I’d attempt to take them on my own, I mean hey, I have a nice enough camera, and I’ve seen enough family and baby portrait pictures to choke a horse. So off to the park I went with my 2 kids in tow, my camera, a few photo props, and an ‘irrational sense of optimissim’ .  Well I should have known that 2 hyper children and a park were a receipe for disaster, the oldest child would not sit still no matter how much I tried to bribe him, and they youngest (whom I really needed to sit still the most) wanted to copy his older brother and run amuck at the park. I ended up getting a few good shots in and thank heaven for photoshop editing, lol. And here were a few of the finish products…




Using Baking Soda to clean your stove? October 4, 2012

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So i’ve been seeing this “Pin” on Pinterest (the most AWESOME Site ever!) and decided to try it since I hate cleaning my glass top stove and everyone says the method of using baking soda is so great and easy….well…


PROS- It is a cheap method (i hate paying a high cost for cleaning supplies)

It does work well, just not as “Amazing” as everyone says

CONS-  1. Kills your hands (wear gloves!)

2. I had to redo the steps several times to get all the “crusty’ stuff off, so it wasn’t as effortless as most said, or I just have an EXTREMLY stubborn stove


Scarfs, Scarfs, and more SCARFS! September 25, 2012

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Since Saturday was the official start of fall, that translates to scarf season, I found this little helpful illustration on pinterest..enjoy!